Mazars Hadj Ali published a book on Islamic finance

Gathering around 50 international experts from 18 different countries, the book directed and published by Mazars Hadj Ali presents Islamic finance in order to raise awareness of this alternative emerging finance.

This book directed and published by Mazars Hadj Ali in Algeria gathers international experts of Islamic finance from the best universities and institutions worldwide in order to highlight ethics and spirituality from Islam, explain the main basic rules and principles of Islamic finance and do an overview of its global presence.

Main facts and figures about our book on Islamic finance:

  • 449 pages
  • 41 articles (24 articles in French and 17 articles in English)
  • 47 authors from 18 different countries on the 5 continents
  • Main universities and institutions: UNO, the World Bank, Kyoto University, University of Amsterdam, ESCP Europe, ESA Beirut, University of South Australia, Sciences Po Paris, George Washington University, Palestine Alahlya University, American University of Sharjah, Cornell University, International Islamic University of Malaysia, University of Sétif, Reims Management School, etc.

NB: the dominant language of the book is French, but around 40% of articles are written in English.

For more information about our book on Islamic finance, contact Anthony Escurat

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