Nomad, the Mazars group's magazine

You will find here the Mazars group's magazine.

Nomad, the Mazars group's magazine for its clients and partners, offers a voyage of discovery to one of the countries around the globe where Mazars is expanding its business.

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Nomad, the Mazars group's magazine

You will find here the Mazars group's magazine.

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Nomad Sweden - summer 2011

To the other countries, Sweden’s image is of a prosperous country with a national culture that is firmly anchored in social development and support for human rights. It is often also viewed as an example to follow in terms of environmental policies. Not having participated in a single armed conflict in two centuries, Sweden has consistently based its relationships with other countries on international cooperation and multilateralism.

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Nomad Indonesia - winter 2011

After Turkey, South Africa and Russia, Mazars is now devoting Nomad’s latest issue to Indonesia. In the heart of international events as the new chair of ASEAN and as a member of the G20, Indonesia comforts its position as a major regional and international player, namely with regards to environmental issues.

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Nomad Russia - summer 2010

Following an uncertain decade, Russia has regained its status as a major player on the international stage since the start of the new century. With a rich and often complex history behind it, the world’s largest country is, once again, a first-rate global power.

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Nomad South Africa - spring 2010

In this issue of Nomad we invite you to explore what South Africa has to offer. We take a look at the South African economy and financial arena, Mazars'presence and growth prospects in the country, as well as its culture, literature and sport.

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Nomad Turkey - autumn 2009

After exploring India, Egypt, China, Russia, Thailand and Brazil, Nomad is now devoting its latest issue to Turkey. Mazars has been in Istanbul for more than ten years and has since added locations in Ankara, Izmir and Bursa, resulting in a strong presence on the Turkish audit and advisory landscape.

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Nomad Brazil - summer 2009

For over ten years now, Latin America has been a major growth platform for Mazars. The Group is present in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, as well as, further north, in Mexico. In Brazil, the sub-continent’s major economic power, Mazars appears today as an emerging player of the highest caliber, able to serve all companies with equal levels of expertise and quality

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