Our expertise

Mazars offers a full range of professional services including audit, accounting, tax, advisory and legal services for a wide range of clients across the spectrum of industry sectors.

As a global and fully integrated firm, we are present in 91  countries and can call on the talent of 24,400  skilled and international professionals.

At Mazars Hadj Ali, we pledge to be different by setting the highest standards of quality services, objectivity and productivity.

Our aim is to help each of our clients to enhance their business capabilities and achieve sustainable growth.

Our comprehensive range of services covers all areas of business and enables us to help and assist you at all stages of your corporate development.


A financial audit is all about producing trustworthy financial information, but at Mazars Hadj Ali we go a step further than just making sure the figures add up. We can advise you on the consistency and reliability of your financial information.

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Accounting and outsourcing
At Mazars Hadj Ali we are more than just accountants. We will draw up your annual accounts, but also look at your overall finance administration. We will make recommendations to help you improve your accounting processes and the way you do business.

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Business Advisory

Mazars in Algeria
At Mazars Hadj Ali we offer a full range of services that will give you a clear insight into your company strategy, financial reports and business processes in order to invest in Algeria.

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