Bank News n°6 - april 2011

A few weeks ago in Brussels, Mazars brought together representatives of the European Commission, the CBFA (Belgian regulator) and various banking groups for a debate on Basel 3 regulations and specifically the reform regarding the new solvency ratio.

This Bank News issue is a good opportunity to provide you with an update of this discussion. The increasing of solvency ratios is the crucial point of our European benchmark in 2010 and whether it was initiated by the organisations or imposed by regulators.

In this respect you will not be surprised to find Swiss banks in the upper range of our sample. Indeed, given their size compared with the GDP of their country, the Swiss regulator has gone beyond the requirements proposed by the Basel Committee. This deeply contrasts with the situation that prevails in Ireland and Iceland, which is also discussed in this issue.

Finally, we also comment in this article on progress made by accounting regulators along with those carried out by the prudential regulators.

Content of the issue:

  • European Benchmark first half 2010,
  • Economic and financial analysis,
  • Performance: Review of asset management in France,
  • Reading the accounts: bank reserves and the changes brought about by IFRS 9,
  • Macro analysis: Ireland v. Iceland: a drawn match,
  • Micro analysis: The reform of proprietary trading,
  • Focus on – Financial crisis and Basel III : an adequate answer?
  • News of the regulator,
  • Revision of IFRS hedge accounting: a coming together of accounting and management practice?

NB: this publication is available in English and in French.